The gradual deepening of the deep and exemplary resonance with Shiva, which prepares and opens our being to the Grace of Shiva, which is bestowed in a unique and privileged way in the sacred moment of Mahashivaratri


TThe MAHASHIVARATRI 2022 Spiritual Camp takes place exclusively online and is intended for all men and women of our Spiritual School who aspire to deepen the intense, plenary and profound resonance with the Great God SHIVA!

We enthusiastically invite you to celebrate the Great God Shiva together in the second edition of the Mahashivaratri Camp, through which we aspire to be prepared, with the subtle-telepathic support of our spiritual guide Grieg for the “great spiritual night of Shiva” – MAHASHIVARATRI, the sublime night of the bestowing of Godly Grace…


About the Mahashivaratri, the Spiritual Guide reveals that it is “one of the holiest spiritual nights of the year… and if we are properly prepared, it can transform us profoundly and permanently, by the mysterious grace of Shiva. If we are prepared, we will receive many godly gifts on the most uplifting celebration of the year. We all have this wonderful possibility, just waiting to be fully manifested in us. It is therefore in our power to choose this miraculous opportunity HERE and NOW.”


The unique topics approached by the lectures, exemplifications and special spiritual techniques that we will perform together, with the subtle support of our Spiritual Guide, will open our soul to the mysteries of Shiva’s spiritual heart and will prepare us to receive Shiva’s Mysterious Grace!



Benefits of participation:

  • Daily exceptional spiritual exemplifications supported by the Spiritual Guide
  • 15 thematic lectures in premiere
  • LIVE interactive meeting with yoga teacher Nicolae Catrina (Adinathananda)
  • Sacred ceremony of intense, full and deep communion with the Infinite sphere of force of Shiva
  • Subtle perceptions contest (in three stages) with surprise prizes
  • Outstanding documentaries and thematic films
  • Brilliantly inspired artistic moments


People who register by Friday, February 18, 2022, will receive a special bonus: they will be able to listen to the lectures of the first edition of the MahaShivaRatri Camp in 2021 from February 21st-24th, 2022!

Camp theme:

The gradual deepening of the profound and exemplary resonance with Shiva that is bestowed in a unique and privileged way in the sacred moment of Mahashivaratri.

During the camp we will listen to the Spiritual Guide’s presentations on the 3 fundamental aspects of Shiva:


  • SHIVA VIRUPAKSHA – Shiva as the Lord of the third eye (ajna chakra)
  • SHIVA MAYAVIN – Shiva in the Magician hypostasis
  • SHIVA MAHAKALA – Shiva in the hypostasis of transcendent Time (Great Time)


People who register for the camp will have access to the camp’s materials for an extra 30 days after the end of the camp, based on the code received at registration.

The force-idea of the camp:


    • MahaShivaRatri, this deeply mysterious and sacred night is coming soon.
      Let us all aim to experience it as one of the most important spiritual events of our lives. Let us remember at least every moment of this night that our essential goal in this existence is the realization HERE and NOW of God the Father and, full of love, let us approach Shiva with our hearts aflame.
      Let us climb, inspired by gigantic aspiration, to the summit of the holy mountain Kailasa – which is permanently within us, at the level of the coronary centre (sahasrara) – to experience as profoundly and plenary as possible the mystical presence of Shiva in ourselves, as our own Immortal Self – Atman – which ceaselessly permeates the whole Macrocosm. (Gregorian Bivolaru)

    Shiva’s hypostases that we will explore during the camp

    SHIVA VIRUPAKSHA – Shiva as the Lord of the third eye (ajna chakra)

    Saivism sages often invoke Shiva as Tryambaka or Virupaksha, “Shiva with terrible eyes”, because of his third eye, located in the middle of the forehead and symbolizing the complete opening of the secret force center ajna chakra. It is called by the sage Utpaladeva ‘the fire eye ‘ – the one that dispels duality, thus directly and totally embracing the heart of godly love – and also ‘the light eye’, from which love, happiness and the incomparable ambrosia of Godly Life spring out:
    “A drop of Your happiness falling on the earth gives birth to the Moon. A spark from Thy fire, destroyer of illusion, gives birth to the Sun.
    O Lord, to Thee, who penetrates everywhere with Thy gaze, we offer our whole being as an offering to Thy third eye, unique seal of ineffable and transcendent greatness. ”


    SHIVA MAYAVIN – Shiva as Magician

    If Paramashiva – undifferentiated Oceanic Consciousness and Bliss – is our own essential substance, why is it that we do not perceive it as such and we are subject to illusion, fear and pain, being dominated by the body and ego?
    This aspect arises because Shiva is also a Magician, who through his creative and deceptive force, maya, hides in Himself from Himself through Himself – like the spider encircling itself in its own web – to play its prodigious game of enchainment and liberation, both at the macrocosmic and microcosmic levels. It perceives itself, therefore, fragmented into innumerable beings created by self-forgetfulness, for in giving birth to multiplicity, it hides itself, concealing unity.
    In this direction, the initiate Laleshvari says: “There is neither you, nor I, nor contemplated, nor contemplation, there is only the Creator of the Universe, who lays hidden in the hearts of all beings, apparently lost in self-forgetfulness. If the blind, or, in other words, the ignorant, discover no meaning in Him, on the contrary, the wise, seeing the Supreme, melt ecstatically in Him. ”


    SHIVA MAHAKALA – Shiva in the hypostasis of transcendent Time (Great Time)

    In the Hindu tradition, Shiva Mahakala is one of the terrible hypostases of Shiva.
    Mahakala means transcendent Time (Great Time), Time beyond Time, Undivided Time in its plenitude, as it was before and after creation, Eternity. Mahakala, the one who swallows time, swallows the epochs, the temporal cycles, the ages of humanity, in this hypostasis Shiva being the masculine counterpart of the Great Cosmic Power of time, Kali.
    In the Tibetan tradition, Mahakala is unanimously considered to be the protector of spiritual teachings. He is a personification of the Godly Supreme, in his particular aspect of dissolution of the Universe, but also the One who helps human beings to overcome all negative aspects and especially obstacles on the path of spiritual evolution…

    Cost of the camp and payment

    Cost of participation in this camp:

    For Romania:

    • 120 Ron for yoga, tantra, shaivism, ayurveda students respectively
    • 80 Ron for yoga, tantra, shaivism instructors, ayurveda teachers, Shakti group coordinators, Mahavira members and coordinators

    For abroad:

    • 40 euro for yoga, tantra, shaivism, ayurveda students respectively
    • 30 euro for yoga, tantra, shaivism instructors, ayurveda teachers, Shakti group coordinators, Mahavira members and coordinators, people from the ashrams.


    Payment methods

        1. Payment by card (to be done from the registration form)
        2. Payment Order (PO) / Bank Transfer Asociația Mahavira Ananda Account: RO77 RNCB 0072 1702 0450 0001
          BIC – RNCBROBU
          Banca Comercială Română – BCR
        3. Via Mahavira Ananda coordinators

      Tonight let us think moment by moment about the mystic Shiva and Shiva alone. Tonight, to him or her who asks, Shiva will give. May this night the supreme grace of Shiva pour down upon us and fill our whole being forever….

      Gregorian Bivolaru

      The subtle support of the Spiritual Guide will help us to experience together in our hearts the model states of communion with Shiva which will be exemplified and which will help us to take essential steps towards enlightenment.


      Camp participants will be able to ask intelligent questions about the content of the conferences. These questions, as well as some suggestions or ideas can be sent either to or directly in the form on the Contact page.


      Please remember that the programme, although very rich, is optional!