Camp registration

In order to use the REGISTRATION CODE please follow the one-time registration process, at the beginning, that consists of the following steps on this page:

  1. Enter the access code received by email (eg MVIRA3MKJT4W). This code will be used only once at registration.
  2. Enter the personal e-mail address to which you received the registration code (eg
  3. Validate that your personal email address was entered correctly.
  4. Enter a password that you will choose when registering. Remember this password. We recommend that you do not use your email account password.
  5. Check that you have read the Terms and conditions of access (can be consulted on the site at the time of registration).
  6. Click to confirm the registration process (Sign Up button).
  7. You will receive a personal confirmation email that the registration was successful.
  8. Enjoy this spiritual event!