In those situations when there appears and immense pure, sublime pleasure, which is perfectly controlled and thus endless, precisely by means of this, there will appear again and again a divine ecstatic happiness that ceaselessly renews itself....


Only at the point we have nothing to loose, we acquire in the end the Courage to risk those some directions that are, for us, deeply transformative and beneficial. Back


Both any beneficial transformation that you decide to perform, as well as any new journey starts with the first step. Choose, starting with today a transformation that you aspire to generate within your inner universe....


Knowing that, through the presence inside of you of the SUPREME SELF (ATMAN), each one of you is immortal, this should make you fearless. Back


What’s the easiest way to know GOD THE FATHER’s Will? By completely renouncing our egotistic will. Acting in this manner, then this will be very clearly reflected in and through our being. Then in some other instances GOD’s Will is revealed in the inspired words of...