Protection method for accessing the internet

It is a necessity that every time we open a specific device for accessing and connecting to the internet to make the SIGN OF THE CROSS a minimum of three times in the direction of that device, while saying the formula: “IN THE NAME OF THE HEAVENLY FATHER, GOD, IN THE NAME OF HIS SON, JESUS, AND IN THE NAME OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. AMEN!” And, after each sign of the cross, say the following: “I INVOKE HERE AND NOW, WITH COMPLETE FAITH, WITH HUMBLENESS AND WITH RIGHTEOUS HOPE, THE MANIFESTATION OF THE GODLY OMNIPOTENCE THAT IMMEDIATELY, TOTALLY AND UNCONDITIONALLY ANNIHILATES, THROUGHOUT THE DURATION OF THIS ACTION, ANY DEVILISH, SATANIC INFLUENCE THAT MIGHT BE EXERTED IN AND THROUGH THIS DEVICE. SO, HELP ME GOD! AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!” After these words, every time, aim to feel an indescribable state of PROFOUND SAFETY and SPECIAL GODLY PROTECTION. It is important to remember that you should say this exorcising formula three times even if (especially at the beginning of the technique) you don’t feel anything, and aim to be attentive and observe what happens, especially at the end of the third sign of the cross, which is followed by saying the invocation formula (that should be written down and used each time). This formula promptly exorcises and annihilates most of the harmful energies that can manifest through mobile phones, tablets, computers and laptops etc., and it neutralises malefic energies for a period of 24 hours from the time this exorcism is performed. Before accessing the INTERNET, consecrate the fruits of the action of going online to God the Father, using the usual consecration formula, and become aware of the state that appears at the end of this consecration. The consecration should only be done to God the Father, without exception. Immediately after the consecration, do three distinct blessings, using the blessing technique that is already known (here we refer to those who have already been initiated into the GODLY ART and SCIENCE OF BLESSING), using the following formula: “LORD GOD, HEAVENLY FATHER, I HUMBLY IMPLORE YOU TO BLESS THIS MODALITY THAT I WILL NOW MAKE USE OF, THROUGH THE ENERGY OF YOUR GODLY BLESSING, AND I IMPLORE YOU TO TOTALLY AND UNCONDITIONALLY ANNIHILATE, FOR THE ENTIRE DURATION OF THIS USAGE, ANY MALEFIC, DEVILISH, SATANIC INFLUENCE THAT MIGHT BE EXERTED BECAUSE OF THE SCHEMES OF THE EVIL AND CUNNING ONE, BY BESTOWING UPON IT, THROUGH ME, YOUR SUPREME GRACE.” [Please note: MODALITY in the above formula refers to any device for accessing the internet] This formula should be said every time such a blessing is done, for real exorcising effects. Those who always apply this simple, strong and efficient method of personal exorcism of the INTERNET, will quickly observe, every time, through the beneficial effects that will appear, without delay, the immense differences that occur, and through the appropriate grams of practice we can discover the VERY GREAT ADVANTAGES OF THIS METHOD OF EXORCISING THE DEVILISH AND SATANIC INFLUENCES THAT ARE OTHERWISE INCLUDED AND CHANNELLED PERMANENTLY THROUGH THE INTERNET