Q & A

Can I watch the materials again after the camp?

Yes, after the camp ends, the lectures will be available for a period of 30 days.

How do I register if I don't complete the payment online, with the card?

In addition to the online payment by card, there are two other ways to pay:

  1. Payment Order (PO) / Bank Transfer to Asociatia Mahavira Ananda, account number: RO77 RNCB 0072 1702 0450 0001, at Commercial Bank of Romania
  2. Through coordinators of Mahavira Ananda groups

Even if you do not choose to pay online with the card, but one of the 2 options above, it is still necessary to register in the form on the first page. If you haven’t already done so, please register here first.

At the step with the online payment select the dot from the payment link and then click directly on the SUBMIT/ SEND button

"The payment was made and the proof sent. Do I have anything else to do? "

Yes, you need to follow the steps required to register.

You can register here here.

“After registration, you will receive the unique access code for the event a few days before the start of the online camp.”

With this unique code you can then register your account by accessing the link:https://vira.misatv.ro/en/camp-registration/

Will the program be broadcast differently depending on time zones?

No, the camp program will be broadcast according to Romanian time (EET- Eastern European Time)

Therefore, please check the camp schedule.

For example a lecture that will be broadcast at 17:00 (EET=GMT+2) Bucharest Time, can be viewed by someone in London at 15:00 local time ( GMT)

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