the founder and president of the “Helios” School of Astrology

“I was born on August 9, 1974. I practiced various sports since childhood, and martial arts in terms of performance. I have always felt an amazing attraction to nature, predominantly to the mountains, which has driven me to become a mountain guide since the age of 19. I am passionate about sport climbing (climbing), mountain biking, hiking, swimming, water skiing. As a teenager, I was drawn to ancient spiritual traditions — the Egyptian, Atlantean, Greek, Mayan, Oriental, and especially the Carpathian Basin traditions.

I graduated from the Faculty of Economics, specializing in management-marketing.

In 1994 I started practicing yoga and studying astrology. All the knowledge and experience acquired in the field of astrology is based on a self-taught thorough research, through which I aimed to discover the small and big secrets that underlie the success, harmony, fulfillment and spiritual evolution of human beings. In 1998 I founded the “Helios” Center for Astrological Research and Applications and established the Helios School of Astrology.

The aspiration to get to know me better and to understand the mechanisms of the human psyche, aroused my appetite to study and participate in many courses of personal development, emotional intelligence, leadership, neurolinguistic programming, time management, etc.

Practicing various yoga techniques and combining the authentic values ​​of Christianity with Eastern spirituality helped me to understand and adopt a balanced lifestyle. My whole life has been revolutionized starting with relationships, diet, setting priorities, hobbies related to nature, etc. The discovery and experimentation of the mysteries of the love erotic continence and of the principles of the tantric tradition, represented a crossroads moment and I can say that it rewrote the direction of my destiny.

I have been living in Cluj-Napoca with my wife, Narcisa, for over 22 years, and our relationship has been and is a real spiritual springboard for both of us. Together we coordinate the activities of the “Helios” School of Astrology and we are both yoga instructors. We organize various spiritual events, we hold conferences and workshops aimed at raising the quality of life and spiritual transformation, respectively we offer personal counseling. And all this fills us with great joy and delight. ”